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Bram D'hondt

Contact 0492 15 66 75


Herman Teirlinckgebouw, Havenlaan 88 bus 73
1000 Brussel

Bram D'hondt is an ecologist of the Wildlife Management and Invasive Species team. He works at the interface of invasive species research, policy and management. Brams main research interests are the risk assessment, ecology and surveillance (including citizen science) of invasive plants and animals, with the ultimate goal of informed and effective species control. To this end, he likes to work closely with other knowledge institutions, as well as field managers.

Bram holds a Ph.D. in plant ecology from Ghent University. He previously worked as the policy advisor on invasive species at the government of Flanders.


ORCID ORCID logo 0000-0002-1330-1457
Teams Wildlife Management and Invasive Species