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Jeroen Van Wichelen

Contact 0477 53 62 04


Herman Teirlinckgebouw, Havenlaan 88 bus 73
1000 Brussel

Jeroen is an aquatic ecologist and works at INBO as a senior researcher at the Research Center for Aquatic Fauna, where he is involved in all kinds of water-related projects. The preparation and coordination of specific recovery programs for endangered fauna (including eel, brook lamprey, weather loach, otter) in Flanders, the quality assessment of Flemish water bodies based on aquatic biota, research into free fish migration and policy-oriented advice (including integrated water policy, structural drought problems , eflows) are among its core tasks. As program coordinator Aquatic Environment, Jeroen also heads the Horizontal Working Group Aquatic Environment where all INBO expertise in this area is brought together with the aim of providing maximum support for Flemish water-related management and policy. Jeroen has built up a broad knowledge of all aspects and compartments of the aquatic food web and is more specifically familiar with eutrophication-related phenomena such as algal blooms. In 2015 he obtained a doctoral degree in this field at the University of Ghent at the Department of Biology.


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