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Joachim Mergeay

Contact 0499 94 29 42


Gaverstraat 4
9500 Geraardsbergen

My research focuses on applied population genetics, in particular the implementation of genetic criteria into the EU Habitats Directive, and using genetic principles to define and evaluate the conservation status of species and habitats. This helps to close the gap between policy, science and practitioners.

I'm actively involved in the IUCN SSC Conservation Genetics Specialist group, The IUCN Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe, the Central European Wolf consortium, the GEO-BON Genetic Composition Working group and EU COST Action 18134 G-BiKE. These act as bridge heads with national and international biodiversity policy (post-2020 biodiversity strategy development, policy briefs, development of genetic essential biodiversity variables) and practitioners / nature managers.


ORCID ORCID logo 0000-0002-6504-0551
Teams Genetic Diversity