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Kurt Schamp

Contact 0478 88 07 90


Gaverstraat 4
9500 Geraardsbergen

  • Support poplar and willow breeding program: artificial infections with fungi and bacteria in the lab and nursery with the aim of selecting resistant and tolerant varieties (clones).
  • Isolation of pathogens (bacteria and fungi) in the laboratory and their storage (collection) in liquid nitrogen.
  • Disease research in various native forest trees: poplar, willow, forest cherry, ash and black alder.
  • Development of a scoring system for different infectious diseases with the aim of selecting tolerant species.
  • Scoring of phenotypic traits in trees (sprouting and closing end buds, leaf discoloration and leaf drop) for selection in the context of climate change
  • Experience in vitro culture through internship and plant breeding department RUG.


Teams Wildlife Management and Invasive Species