INBO Research Challenges

Invasive Species Monitoring Network

INBO aims to set up a structured monitoring network for invasive alien species (IAS). This will allow Flanders to comply with the reporting of the European Regulation for the prevention and management of IAS. This monitoring network also forms the impetus for the monitoring component within the Exotic Species Unit, an initiative of INBO and ANB that wants to organise the monitoring and management of IAS more coherently and purposefully for the period 2025-2029.

  • Monitoring of IAS relies heavily on citizen science that provides essential opportunistic data for risk assessment, risk management and early warning.
  • In addition, existing INBO monitoring networks are also used for different taxonomic groups. This monitoring has little active focus on IAS detection or establishing population trends.
  • The research question is to set up structured surveillance monitoring networks for IAS with a focus on rapid detection, trending and management evaluation.
  • The focus is on policy-relevant species in Flanders according to the INBO prioritisation framework for IAS.
  • A first step is to identify information needs with a systematic approach and make a plan for data collection and analysis.
  • Integrated data management and disclosure require adapted data infrastructure and open data publication.
  • An extra effort is needed to standardise reporting on the management of IAS in Flanders and openly publish the data, including data from actors who have their own tools for this purpose.


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