Red Lists

In the table you can search the Red Lists for Flanders:

  • in the boxes marked "+" you select the desired category.
  • You can also search for the scientific name in free text.
  • When you click on the title of a column, you sort on that column, either ascending or descending.
  • By clicking on the download icon under each selection you can download that selection in csv format.

Terms used:

  • Taxonomic group: official classification by species
  • Category in publication: category used in the scientific publication of a particular Red List, usually in Dutch
  • IUCN category: category to which the species belongs according to IUCN criteria
  • Criterion: Is the list structured according to unknown, regional or IUCN criteria?
  • Year: When was the Red List published?
  • Validated: Has the list been validated according to IUCN standards?
  • Minister approved: Has the list been officially published in the Belgisch Staatsblad / Moniteur Belge?
  • Publication reference: What publication did the Red List appear in?
Taxonomic Group Nederlandse naam Scientific name Category in publication IUCN Categorie Criterium Year Validated Vastgesteld Publication reference
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Officiële indeling volgens soort
Category used in scientific publication of Red List
Species Category according IUCN criteria
Is de lijst volgens onbekende, regionale of IUCN criteria vopgebouwd?
Wanneer is de Rode Lijst verschenen?
Is de lijst gevalideerd, gecreëerd volgens de standaarden van IUCN?
Is de lijst verschenen in het Staatsblad?
In welke publicatie is de Rode Lijst verschenen?