Belgian cheese into space!

Belgian cheese is famous in the whole world and beyond: indeed, one of the Belgian cheese specialties was sent to the International Space Station ISS, where American astronaut Shannon Walker ordered a portion of her favourite Belgian cheese.

Family cheese factory 't Groendal

Shannon appears to be seduced by the OG Kristal and Old Farmdale cheeses from the family cheese factory 't Groendal in Rumbeke. "These are the versions of our Brokkeloud Roeselare and Oud Roeselare that we make for the American market and which have to mature for two and one years respectively," says Louis-Philippe Deweer of 't Groendal.

‘Houston, I need Belgian cheese’

The astronauts on the ISS are allowed to draw up a wish list and gourmet Shannon apparently dreamed of a piece of delicious Belgian cheese. She discovered this cheese in a shop in Houston, where NASA also ordered a large portion. The Belgian manufacturer was happy to send it, so that NASA could first run some tests to guarantee safety. This Belgian cheese speciality passed the quality and food safety tests with flying colours. Shannon can enjoy a real cheese experience, as there is no need for cheese in tubes, fortunately.

Shannon Walker in the International Space Station ISS

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