Do you ever think about accessibility?

People with disabilities need an accessible environment for a life without obstacles.

And what’s more, accessibility is good for everyone. For example, those who are a bit older, out with children, carrying heavy shopping bags or with all kinds of things on their minds. Accessibility makes everything easier in all circumstances.

Inhoud is aan het laden

Working on accessibility

Do you want to work on accessibility in your organisation, company, policy or sector? And would you like to be guided by experts?

Contact Inter to see what is possible. By email at in your email application) or by phone at 0032 11 26 50 30.

Participate in an accessible society

Would you like to live your life just like everyone else? Shopping, exercising, going on a trip, getting around, going to a festival or a museum?

Do you sometimes feel this is harder because you have a disability, are older or due to other circumstances?

Contact Inter to see what we have to offer: assistance at events, assistance at the seaside, accessible transportation, accessible restaurants and cafés ... Send an email to in your email application) or give us a call at 0032 11 26 50 30.