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Reintroduction programs for the fishes chub, dace, burbot and brown trout


The dataset contains the number, length and mass of caught chub, dace, burbot and brown trout per stream trajectory. To evaluate the performed reintroductions, a total of 20 trajectory in nine different watercourses, where one or more of the species listed was introduced, were electric fished. Also Lake “Rotselaar “and ”paaigracht” which connect, were fished. The Captured numbers were compared with the expected numbers, which were determined in previous studies based on habitat suitability models.
Date available 27/09/2012
Publisher Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek


INBO Research theme(s)

  • Water
  • Data & infrastructure
  • Protected nature

Taxonomic List

  • fishes (Pisces)

Biomedical sciences (EWI categorisation)

  • B003-ecology
  • B005-zoology