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Hannes Wilms

Contact 0479 83 09 05


Gaverstraat 4
9500 Geraardsbergen

Hannes Wilms has worked for 5 years at the lab of tropical crop improvment at the KU Leuven, where he did his PhD. There he developed a novel micropropagation method for coconut to produce quality planting material in the benefit of smallholders. Next to coconut he was also involved with developing multiple micropropagation and cryopreservation protocols of plant genetic resources such as dragon fruit, cassava, sweet potato, cacao, oil palm, hony palm, cactus fig, taro, cofee and coffee related species.

After his carreer at the KU Leuven he made the switch from te more tropical region to the temeprate ones, as he now works at the INBO on conservation and propagation of forest tree species in Flanders.


ORCID ORCID logo 0000-0001-8671-3447
Teams Genetic Diversity