News January 2024

Help! New Zealand pigmyweed spotted. What to do?

New Zealand pigmyweed (Crassula helmsii) ‚Äčis an invasive alien aquatic plant that is already causing problems in many areas. In a very short time, the species can dominate all kinds of waters and their banks, displacing the original vegetation. INBO is closely monitoring the situation in Flanders and has been carrying out research on this species for more than 10 years. This led to an extensive guide and numerous recommendations. We have now compiled our knowledge in a handy Decision Aid (in Dutch).

First, we briefly discuss the recognition, distribution and characteristics of the species. We explain how to estimate the colonisation probability of New Zealand pigmyweed at a location. A decision tree shows the manager which measures are most suitable for his specific situation. A minute and easy-to-follow step-by-step plan clarifies the various measures. Here, we pay very close attention to biosafety. A combination of control, biosecurity and system recovery ensure the best results.

Download the brochure and the poster - in Dutch - from the INBO or Ecopedia website. As a manager you can use the poster to alert visitors to the presence of New Zealand pigmyweed and its consequences.

Jo Packet, Kevin Scheers, Luc Denys

Image above: brochure cover


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