News September 2023

Recommendation in the spotlight: Taphrina padi

In May 2023, deformed fruits were noticed in European bird cherry in a seed orchard in Dentergem, Belgium. It turned out to be pocket plum gall caused by the fungus Taphrina padi (Jacz.) Mix.

Later, this fungus was also identified in a seed orchard in Oud-Heverlee. This suggests that this fungus may also be present in other seed orchards. Although its effect on overall plant vitality is small, it can have a major impact on seed setting. As a severe infection can cause much of the seed to become sterile, which is detrimental to the seed harvest.

This recommendation should make managers of these seed orchards aware of this plant pathogen. We suggest management measures to limit the spread of infection.

Hannes Wilms, Annelore De Ro, Arthur De Haeck & An Vanden Broeck

Read more (document in Dutch): Advies over de vogelkersheksenbezem, een schimmelziekte bij Europese vogelkers

Image above: Deformation of the ovary, the gall turning white/red. The photo was taken in Heverlee (Hannes Wilms, INBO).


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