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Depletion Fishing in the river "Grote Nete" and "Kleine Nete" 1989-1996


The dataset contains the total catch number and total weight of the catch of fish species which has been electrofished in the rivers "Grote Nete" and "Kleine Nete" in Belgium. The scope of the project was to make an inventory of fish species abundance and density in both rivers. The data were used to make a red list of fish species in Flanders.
Date available 05/05/2013
Publisher Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek


INBO Research theme(s)

  • Water
  • Data & infrastructure
  • Protected nature

Taxonomic List

  • fishes (Pisces)

Biomedical sciences (EWI categorisation)

  • B003-ecology
  • B005-zoology


Johan Coeck