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BioBlitz is More than a Bit of Fun

Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 5: e74361


Number of pages 3
Type Paper/Powerpoint/Abstract
Category Research
Language English

@book{ef8c87d5-14fc-4f2e-8a6e-390faa7be1bb, title = "BioBlitz is More than a Bit of Fun", author = "Sofie Meeus and Iolanda Silva-Rocha and Tim Adriaens and Peter MJ Brown and Niki Chartosia and Bernat Claramunt López and Angeliki Martinou and Michael Pocock and Cristina Preda and Helen Roy and Elena Tricarico and Quentin Groom", year = "2021", doi = "", language = "English", series = "", publisher = "", number = "", address = "BelgiĆ«", }


Sofie Meeus
Iolanda Silva-Rocha
Tim Adriaens
Peter MJ Brown
Niki Chartosia
Bernat Claramunt López
Angeliki Martinou
Michael Pocock
Cristina Preda
Helen Roy
Elena Tricarico
Quentin Groom