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Gobelin rapport N°1: Groenblauwe netwerken in Vlaanderen. Van breed concept naar uitvoering op het terrein

Unfortunately the abstract isn't available in English yet.


Number of pages 108
Type Reports of Research Institute for Nature and Forest
Category Research
Language Dutch

title = "Gobelin rapport N°1: Groenblauwe netwerken in Vlaanderen",
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author = "Wim Verheyden and Francis Turkelboom and Geert De Blust and Jasmien Smets",
year = "2020",
month = jan,
day = "01",
doi = "",
language = "English",
publisher = "Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek",
address = "Belgium,
type = "Other"


Wim Verheyden
Francis Turkelboom
Geert De Blust
Jasmien Smets