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The pitfalls of plural valuation

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Volume 64
Type A1: Web of Science-article
Category Research
Magazine Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Issns 1877-3435
Publisher Elsevier
Language English

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author = "Sander Jacobs and Eszter Kelemen and Patrick O'Farrell and Adrian Martin and Marije Schaafsma and Nicolas Dendoncker and Ram Pandit and Tuyeni H. Mwampamba and Ignacio Palomo and Antonio J. Castro and Mariaelena A. Huambachano and Anna Filyushkina and Haripriya Gunimeda",
year = "2023",
month = oct,
day = "01",
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language = "English",
publisher = "Elsevier",
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Sander Jacobs
Eszter Kelemen
Patrick O'Farrell
Adrian Martin
Marije Schaafsma
Nicolas Dendoncker
Ram Pandit
Tuyeni H. Mwampamba
Ignacio Palomo
Antonio J. Castro
Mariaelena A. Huambachano
Anna Filyushkina
Haripriya Gunimeda