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Weather radars' role in biodiversity monitoring

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Number of pages 1
Volume 372
Magazine issue 6539
Pages (to-from) 248-248
Type A1: Web of Science-article
Category Research
Magazine Science (Washington)
Issns 0036-8075|1095-9203
Publisher American Association for the Advancement of Science
Language English

@book{1890b69a-117b-475e-89a7-390c08d12438, title = "Weather radars' role in biodiversity monitoring", author = "Judy Shamoun-Baranes and Silke Bauer and Jason Chapman and Peter Desmet and Adriaan M Dokter and Andrew Farnsworth and Birgen Haest and Jarmo Koistinen and Bart Kranstauber and Felix Liechti and Tom Mason and Cecilia Nilsson and Raphael Nussbaumer and Baptiste Schmid and Nadja Weisshaupt and Hidde Leijnse", year = "2021", doi = "", language = "English", series = "Science (Washington)", publisher = "American Association for the Advancement of Science", number = "6539", address = "Belgiƫ", }


Judy Shamoun-Baranes
Silke Bauer
Jason Chapman
Peter Desmet
Adriaan M Dokter
Andrew Farnsworth
Birgen Haest
Jarmo Koistinen
Bart Kranstauber
Felix Liechti
Tom Mason
Cecilia Nilsson
Raphael Nussbaumer
Baptiste Schmid
Nadja Weisshaupt
Hidde Leijnse