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BIG_PICTURE - Developing data management and analytical tools to integrate and advance professional and citizen science camera-trapping initiatives across Europe

(photo INBO)
(photo INBO)


To help organizations manage and conserve biodiversity, this project aims to improve access to camera trap monitoring data, across Europe and for a wide range of species. Specifically its objectives are to:

1) Address human, technological, and analytical bottlenecks to generate a set of tools that will permit the large-scale and efficient processing, sharing, analysis, and exploitation of camera trap data on an unprecedented continental scale.
2) Link together professional scientists, citizen scientists, and stakeholders in a joint action to promote efficient conservation and management of biodiversity.
3) Produce a solution that fits European camera trap research (social, legal, institutional, ecological, technological).
Status Running
Actual start/end date 01/04/2024 - 31/03/2027


INBO Research theme(s)

  • Protected nature
  • Wildlife management
  • Data & infrastructure


  • camera-trap