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Species interactions: Next level citizen science

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Number of pages 9
Volume 44
Pages (to-from) 1-9
Type A1: Web of Science-article
Category Research
Magazine Ecography
Issns 0906-7590
Language English

@book{0deff0fc-a1e3-4b9d-a476-acdcfaab1c1b, title = "Species interactions: Next level citizen science", author = "Quentin Groom and Nadja Pernat and Tim Adriaens and Maarten de Groot and Sven D Jelaska and Diana Marčiulynienė and Angeliki F. Martinou and Jiri Skuhrovec and Elena Tricarico and Ernst C. Wit and Helen Roy", year = "2021", doi = "", language = "English", series = "Ecography", publisher = "", number = "", address = "België", }


Quentin Groom
Nadja Pernat
Tim Adriaens
Maarten de Groot
Sven D Jelaska
Diana Marčiulynienė
Angeliki F. Martinou
Jiri Skuhrovec
Elena Tricarico
Ernst C. Wit
Helen Roy