News July 2023

Citizen science for invasive species: a practical guide for project initiators

The COST Action Alien-CSI produced a practical guide to help initiators set up citizen science projects on alien species. The guide's target audience includes NGOs, researchers, policy makers, volunteer groups, government agency staff, project and nature managers, educators and the general public. The document provides an overview of aspects best considered when starting or implementing citizen science projects.

The guide specifically addresses what is important when designing and implementing projects on invasive species and includes recommendations for:

  • engaging your target audience
  • planning and designing your project
  • collecting, processing and making your data available
  • Conducting analyses
  • evaluating your project results

Scivil and the knowledge center Citizen Science Flanders collaborated on the publication.

Data collected through citizen science are a crucial source of information for policy, helping in decision-making and management of invasive species around the world. Involving the public represents a cost-effective approach to monitoring invasive species and conducting research at large spatial scales and over long periods of time. Public participation also plays an important role in raising awareness and creates learning opportunities.

Tim Adriaens , Lien Reyserhove

The guide: AlienCSI. (2023). Using citizen science with alien species: a practical guide for project initiators. Zenodo.




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