News July 2023

Global inspiration for new policy instruments urban nature

The Urban Governance Atlas (UGA) of the INTERLACE project was officially launched on 11 May 2023. The UGA is an interactive online database containing more than 250 good practice examples of policy instruments that contribute to nature-based solutions and ecosystem restoration in urban contexts. Users can explore various policy tools from around the world through the UGA. The UGA includes different types of instruments, from legislation and strategies to grants, cooperation agreements and communication. It focuses on the factors that make the instruments successful, lessons learned from design and implementation, and approaches around governance, such as involving actors, institutional arrangements, and the use of participatory methods.

The UGA is an outcome of the INTERLACE project and was led by the Ecologic Institute. OPPLA developed the web application. A total of 48 organisations from 41 countries contributed to adding and reporting policy instruments to the UGA. INBO added 16 policy instruments from Flanders (14) and the Netherlands (2), with contributions and feedback from multiple regional and local organisations.

Check out this unique collection of inspiring new policy instruments for urban nature. Would you like to add a policy instrument to the UGA? Then contact us.

Michael Leone, Julie Callebaut

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