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The effects of predation on ground-nestings farmland and meadow birds and how to mitigate possible negative effects

Vos (photo Yves Adams - Vildaphoto)
Vos (photo Yves Adams - Vildaphoto)


Ground-nesting farmland and meadow birds are experiencing a sustained downward population trend. Where primarily agricultural intensification is causing this decline, these species are vulnerable to predation and its effects could potentially contribute to further decline.
There is a need for exploratory research because:
- multiple predator species are involved
- a reduction in predation by one predator can be compensated by other predators
- predation sensitivity differs between life stages of prey species
- different legislation has an impact on the applicability of possible measures.
That research can guide possible future project proposals in which the applicability and effects of certain measures can be tested.
To put these project proposals into practice in the short term, in this project we start with a T0 monitoring, mapping the initial state.
Status Running
Actual start/end date 15/12/2022 - 31/12/2024


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  • Protected nature
  • Wildlife management
  • Agriculture


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