News June 2024

INBO works towards a nature-positive economy

The HORIZON project GoNaturePositive! has been officially launched. We came together with 20 partners from 14 countries for an initial discussion on nature-positive economy. During the public launch event, we asked citizens, NGOs, investors, businesses, pioneers and experts what a nature-positive economy would look like for them. We also drew inspiration from some insightful keynotes and high-profile panels. INBO colleague Sander Jacobs gave insights into the plural values of nature and the pitfalls of monetisation, which we will safeguard within the project.

Over the next four years, we will work together within this project to raise awareness of the intimate intertwining of nature and economy, and accelerate the transformative change towards a nature-positive economy. We will do this together with policymakers, investors, businesses and the wider community. Our research will thus contribute to clarity on the concept of a nature-positive economy and provide companies and policymakers with guidance on choosing priorities to work towards it. INBO's role is to develop criteria and indicators that can assess (progress towards) a nature-positive economy, building on the latest initiatives and scientific insights.

Take part in the conversation on LinkedIn, Instagram or website to follow the project's progress.

Jomme Desair


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