News June 2024

A new research agenda for INBO

INBO has developed a new research agenda: 'INBO on the Road to 2030'. This agenda serves as a compass to guide our research in the coming years, aiming to provide answers to current questions from both policy and practice.

The research agenda was created through a participatory process that included workshops, policy context analysis, inspiring speakers, and dialogue with our stakeholders. This collaborative effort led to the identification of several priority research challenges related to nature and climate, which we have woven into a coherent narrative.

Our agenda is structured around three key pillars:

  1. INBO brings nature into focus
  2. INBO contributes to nature-based solutions
  3. INBO examines the relationship between people and nature

Additionally, we outline our intended approach as INBO.

We invite everyone to collaborate with us through this research agenda. Together, we can effectively tackle biodiversity and climate challenges.

Lymke Janssens


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