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Meetnetten: monitoring programme for priority species in Flanders, Belgium

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@book{09ed98d5-7ba6-4504-8230-eef4c83c99d0, title = "Meetnetten: monitoring programme for priority species in Flanders, Belgium", author = "Toon Westra and Sam Van de Poel and Frederic Piesschaert and Sanne Ruyts and Dirk Maes and Geert De Knijf and Hannes Ledegen and Arno Thomaes and Jo Packet and Jeroen Speybroeck and Loïc van Doorn and Wouter Van Landuyt and Roosmarijn Steeman and Koen Van Den Berge and Dimitri Brosens and Luc De Bruyn and Ralf Gyselings and Wim Veraghtert and Ilf Jacobs and Simon Feys and Thierry Onkelinx and Marc Pollet", year = "2023", doi = "", language = "English", series = "", publisher = "", number = "", address = "BelgiĆ«", }


Toon Westra
Sam Van de Poel
Frederic Piesschaert
Sanne Ruyts
Dirk Maes
Geert De Knijf
Hannes Ledegen
Arno Thomaes
Jo Packet
Jeroen Speybroeck
Loïc van Doorn
Wouter Van Landuyt
Roosmarijn Steeman
Koen Van Den Berge
Dimitri Brosens
Luc De Bruyn
Ralf Gyselings
Wim Veraghtert
Ilf Jacobs
Simon Feys
Thierry Onkelinx
Marc Pollet