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Data from: High levels of effective long-distance dispersal may blur ecotypic divergence in a rare terrestrial orchid


AFLP-data The file AFLP data.txt includes the binary matrix of AFLP band presence (1) – absence (0) for 451 AFLP-markers and 422 individuals of Liparis loeselii sampled in 38 populations. The matrix also include the spatial coordinates of each sampled population, given in the two last columns. The markers are numbered M1 to M451. The description of each marker (size in base pairs, primer combination) is given in the file readme.txt.
Datum ter beschikking 08/07/2014


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  • Beschermde natuur
  • Data & Infrastructuur

Taxonomische lijst

  • orchideën (Orchidaceae)

EWI Biomedische wetenschappen

  • B003-ecologie
  • B004-plantkunde


An Vanden Broeck
Wouter Van Landuyt
Karen Cox
Luc De Bruyn
Ralf Gyselings
Gerard Oostermeijer
Bertille Valentin
Gregor Bozic
Branko Dolinar
Zoltan Illyés
Joachim Mergeay