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PhD Day

  • Fungal community analysis within and among Fagus woody debris and links to ectomycorrhizal tree regeneration- Glen Dierickx
    Promotor: Mieke Verbeken (UGent), INBO co-promotor: Kris Vandekerkhove
  • Ecological and evolutionary drivers of foraging specialisation in lesser black-backed gulls – from causes to consequences- Mélibée Morel
    Promotor: Wendt Müller (UAntwerpen), INBO co-promotor: Eric Stienen
  • Connectivity conservation of arthropods under global warming- Garben Logghe
    Promotor: Dries Bonte (UGent), INBO co-promotor: Dirk Maes
  • Rethinking aversion conditioning to reduce conflicts of interest between pastoralism and wolf conservation- Matthieu Chastel
    Promotor: Herwig Leirs (UAntwerpen), INBO co-promotor: Joachim Mergeay
  • Implementation of eDNA metabarcoding as an innovative tool for biomonitoring fish communities in lotic waters - Charlotte Van Driessche
    Promotor: Dries Bonte (UGent), INBO co-promotor: Rein Brys
  • Optimize climate-smart forest management to alleviate drought stress in temperate forest systems - Sanne Verdonck
    Promotor: Bart Muys (KULeuven), INBO co-promotor: Arno Thomaes
  • A stitch in time saves nine - Developing an aquatic alien invasive species management framework based on novel eDNA methods - Teun Everts
    Promotor: Hans Jacquemyn (KULeuven), INBO co-promotor: Rein Brys
  • Spotting and spreading of a fungal parasite on a globally invasive ladybird: explaining its worldwide distribution and biocontrol potential - Michiel de Groot
    Promotor: Mieke Verbeken (UGent), INBO co-promotors: Dirk Maes & Tim Adriaens
  • A tough nut to crack? Natural dynamics of antagonist communities of a nut tree pest insect in food forests - Fien Debusscher
    Promotor: Franky Bossuyt (VUB), INBO co-promotor: Myriam Dumortier