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Belgian Biodiversity Platform - Highlights report 2022

the Belgian Biodiversity Platform continued its journey to strengthen the science-policy interface for biodiversity conservation. Our 2022 report presents an overview of our achievements in support of the development and implementation of more effective and coherent biodiversity policies and strategies, both nationally, at regional level and globally. Hosting the national focal points for several key initiatives (such as GBIF, IPBES, IUCN), leading the European Biodiversity Partnership (Biodiversa+) and supporting a plethora of national and subnational activities and institutional arrangements, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform continued to play its role in connecting the dots.


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Leendert Plaeticnkl
Hilde Eggermont
Dimitri Brosens
Anna Heck
Sonia Vanderhoeven
Maxime Coupremanne
Aline Van der Werf
Coralie Verhaegen
André Heughebaert
Lise Goudeseune
Stijn Cooleman
Julien Cigar
Francois Malherbe
Sébastien Ronveaux