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Green Infrastructure management for ecosystem services

In the IMAGINE Cookbook n° 4, ‘Green infrastructure management for ecosystem services’ (De Blust and Heremans 2020b) we analyze the functioning of a GI patch as a service providing unit based on required ecosystem attributes and the factors which may influence this. The information can then be used to determine the most appropriate management measures for different GI habitat types and desired ecosystem services. Recommended citation format for this cookbook: De Blust, G., Heremans, S. 2020. Green Infrastructure management for ecosystem services. In: Suškevičs, M., Roche, P.K. (Eds.) IMAGINE Cookbook series


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@book{4fc9e995-5a7d-4077-ba26-e3f72d3ae020, title = "Green Infrastructure management for ecosystem services", author = "Geert De Blust and Stien Heremans and M. Suškevičs and P.K. Roche", year = "2021", doi = "https://doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.2.36061.33761", language = "Engels", series = "", publisher = "", number = "", address = "België", }


Geert De Blust
Stien Heremans
M. Suškevičs
P.K. Roche