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Impact of pollen on throughfall biochemistry in European temperate and boreal forests

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Arne Verstraeten
Elena Gottardini
Nicolas Bruffaerts
Fabiana Cristofolini
Elena Vanguelova
Johan Neirynck
Gerrit Genouw
Bruno De Vos
Peter Waldner
An Thimonier
Anita Nussbaumer
Marcus Neumann
Sue Benham
Pasi Rautio
Liisa Ukonmaanaho
Päivi Merilä
Annika Saarto
Jukka Reiniharju
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Małgorzata Latałowa
Marcelina Zimny
Małgorzata Malkiewicz
Lars Vesterdal
Miklos Manninger
Donát Magyar
Hugues Titeux
Gunilla Pihl-Karlsson
Marco Ferretti